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Kool Keith

Kool Keith has long been hailed as hip-hop’s greatest eccentric. Over the course of a career stretching back to the mid-’80s, he’s perfected a singular style of abstract yet deadly precise rhyming that often focuses on subjects such as science fiction, hardcore pornography, and a distrust for the music industry. His sprawling discography includes numerous collaborations and aliases, with some of the most acclaimed including Dr. Octagon and Dr. Dooom, Black Elvis & Tashan Dorrsett. He began his career as the mind and mouth behind the Bronx-based Ultramagnetic MC’s, whose influential debut, Critical Beatdown, was released in 1988. Following the release of the band’s third album in 1993, Keith headed for the outer reaches of the stratosphere with a variety of solo projects. His lyrical thematics remained as free-flowing as they ever were with the N.Y.C. trio, connecting up complex meters with fierce, layers-deep metaphors and veiled criticisms of those who “water down the sound that comes from the ghetto”.

The Preacher

Demolition Crash

Magnetic Pimp Force Field

Love & Danger

The Legend of Tashan Dorrsett

Tashan Dorrsett (Instrumentals)

Tashan Dorrsett

The Kool Keith 50 Club Deal

On December 11th, 2021, 50 Record boxes (NFTs) will be available in the R2 Record Store for $199.99, and the owners of these 50 NFTs will become the first members of the 50 Club. The 50 Recordbox owners will receive monthly NFT airdrops:

One Kool Keith Album every month (Each album limited to 50 mints):

  • December 2021: Computer Technology + The Preacher 
  • January 2022: Demolition Crash
  • February 2022: Magnetic Pimp Force Field
  • March 2022: Love & Danger
  • April 2022: The Legend of Tashan Dorrsett
  • May 2022: Tashan Dorrsett Instrumentals
  • June 2022: Tashan Dorrsett

It will also include: One unique NFT every month, one autographed NFT from Kool Keith, and a lot of other extras!

Of course, the 50 Record box NFTs are tradeable. If you buy a record box on the secondary market, you join the 50 club and will receive all future NFT drops from that point onwards.