Bringing high-quality art and collectibles from various artists and galleries to the blockchain.


Trading card packs:

  • Put any amount of trading cards you want in different packs
  • For a limited sale period of limited amount of packs

Collect ‘n Craft:

  • Collect and combine NFTs to craft new assets
  • Add extra utility to your collection

Mission and rewards:

  • Setup missions and give out rewards automatically
  • Give extra incentive to complete a collection

Gallery Sale & Auctions:

  • Let people bid on one painting or art piece for a predefined time
  • Publish a gallery, designed to your needs (number of mints, time, price, etc…)
Team R2
Roberto Nichela

Roberto Nichela

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Rouzbeh Karbor

Rouzbeh Karbor

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Rory McQueen

Rory McQueen

Creative Art Director