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Do you have what it takes to be a Fight Club Superhero?

R2 and Bad Days present an incredible, new Collect‘n’Craft NFT set where YOU can battle the most iconic superheroes in the galaxy!

With 4 rounds of bone-crunching action and over 50 pumped upsuperheroes and villians to collect, this release will keep you coming back for more!

Available only on the WAX blockchain


Online soon

If you didn’t already know, Bad Days is an animation series featured on the MarvelousTV Youtube Channel. ALL of Stan Lee’s most favorite superheroes are having some really bad days…and it gets even worse for them in R2’s Fight Club!

Here’s how it works…

Round 1

Round one will result in a win, lose or draw, but here’s the best thing, you CAN’T lose! What?! Why?! Every outcome crafts you ALL NEW artwork NFTs from Simone Arena, Rory McQueen and Mr_Mosaics!!