Season 1

  • October 2020


    With the valued support of our partner, EOS Amsterdam, we released our first collection,  Mutant Warriors, at the end of October 2020 — many thanks to Simone Arena for creating the incredible artwork! Mutant Warriors was our first entry into the NFT space on the WAX Blockchain using the AtomicHub marketplace and was a great success, with over 18,000 NFTs sold!

  • December 2020

  • March 2021

    Khaddouj Barghout

    Rotterdam-based artist Khaddouj Barghout dropped five original pieces with us in early March 2021, which was our first exciting venture outside the realm of digital trading cards.

  • March 2021

    Cartombs! | Simon Monk

    Rory McQueen returned with Cartombs! toward the end of March 2021, putting a twist of satirical gore on the cartoon characters we know and love! Cartombs! was a mega-hit, selling over 92,000 NFTs! In addition, this was the first time we introduced the burning mechanism, where collectors could burn five cards to receive one of five ‘Burn Rewards.’ 

    Soon after, Simon Monk put the cherry on top, minting with us five pieces originally painted through a meticulous process of oil and alkyd on wood.

  • April 2021

    Mutant Rockers | Khaddouj Pt. 2

    Khaddouj Barghout would drop her second collection of five seductive yet gruesome original artworks in mid-April 2021.

    At the end of April, we returned to form with Mutant Rockers, the sequel to our first collection, again by Simone Arena, selling a whopping 230,000 NFTs!

  • May 2021

    Enter: The Graffiti Kings

    May ended with a spectacular collaboration with the Graffiti Kings, Britain’s most iconic graffiti artists. Graffiti kings was our most extensive collection to date and sold out just under half a million NFTs in two days!

  • June 2021

  • June 2021

    Chenduz’s LunaPark

    Topps / Garbage Pail Kids artist, Chenduz, collaborated with us to create to LunaPark collection, released in June 2021, and selling over 203,000 NFTs!

  • July 2021

    Monsters of Rap 2 | Kool Keith | Welcome aboard, Kev & Ziko!

    Monsters of Rap 2 by our very own Rory McQueen dropped at the end of July 2021, selling (31.07.2021) just shy of 160,000 NFTs! 

    MOR2 was blessed with a collaboration with American rapper and producer, Kool Keith, who, on multiple occasions, had been illustrated by Rory in MOR1 & MOR2. This time he was featured in a dedicated subset of the collection — including iconic artworks and the tracks from his album “Computer Technology”. 

    In July 2021, we also had the pleasure of onboarding Zikomo Joseph and Kevin Chou to our team as Marketing and Community Managers.

Season 2

The release of GeePeeKay marks the start of a new chapter in our Journey. 

We’ve moved away from our traditional structure to make a collection that is scarcer (only three rarities), more gamified and exciting (lots of crafting), and rewards our collector community for their continued support (burn R2 NFTs for packs).

Right now, we are very much still in the beginning phase. However, we have made it our mission to add value to our community continuously through:

  • Continuous collaboration with diverse artists to deliver exciting and high-quality art to our community.
  • The development of games that add an element of fun and excitement for our community.
  • A staking mechanism meant to benefit the collector community through passive income.
  • Est. Q1 2022

    Core Staking Infrastructure | Passive Income

    By staking NFTs from any R2 Collection, collectors earn R2Credits from the staking pool, which can then be traded for WAX, effectively creating a source of passive income.

    To ensure that these tokens maintain value, there is a fixed supply of R2Credits (we’re not just pumping these out indefinitely). Furthermore, R2 will dedicate a percentage of sales revenues to periodic token buy-backs, which help stabilise the value of R2Credits that the community has earned. 

    Nearly all R2 NFTs will be stakeable, with the main exceptions being golden tickets, promo cards, and crafting materials. The earning power of each NFT depends on its scarcity, and special cards like Premiums and Burn Rewards will have boosting abilities (they increase your earning!).

    Staking requires the user to possess at least one staking key (NFT) in their connected wallet, but collectors can activate multiple keys to increase their staking capacities. Except for staking keys, staking does not require the collector to move the NFTs out of their wallet, i.e., you can simultaneously stake your NFTs elsewhere as long as they do not leave your wallet.

    The use-cases of R2Credits will be in the marketplace, where collectors will find rare and exclusive NFTs available for purchase with their accumulated R2Credits, and in the R2Arcade, where we will be continuously rolling out games. A governance feature, using R2Credits, is also a possibility.

  • Est. Q1 2022

    NFT Redemptions

    Collectors can redeem NFTs, WAX, R2Credits and more by holding predetermined NFTs in their wallets. In addition, many fun challenges, giveaways and mini-games will use this function, where the goal is to ultimately reward the collector with additional entertainment, income and utility!

  • Est. Q1 2022


    The bounties feature will allow collectors to become Bounty Hunters, completing fun challenges to claim their bounties! This is a simple and easy way for collectors and to earn some extra R2C or NFTs, and at the same time, draw more attention to the projects, which will help raise the value of the tokens.

  • Est. Q2 2022

    Gamified Staking

    Staking for passive income is great. But why not have some fun while you’re at it?

    Cards from past R2 collections come to life as playable/non-playable characters in our gamified staking mechanism! The NPCs try to impair (reduce) your earning ability and steal your R2C, but you can activate certain cards in your wallet to stop them!

    Successfully defending against attacks allows you to boost your earnings per hour so that you generate even more R2Credits!

  • Est. Q2 2022

    R2Arcade Launch

    The R2Arcade is launched with its first mini-game: The Raffle!

    Collectors can use their R2Credits to play for a chance to win NFTs, Wax, or more R2Credits!

    Playing a series of minigames and completing challenges between turns can increase the player’s probability of winning grander prizes!

  • Est. Q2 2022

    Partner Keys

    Partner keys are introduced — now, collectors can also stake NFTs from non-R2 collections to earn passive income!

  • Est. Q3 2022

    PVP Staking

    A new game element is added to the staking mechanism! Collectors can now use characters (NFTs) from previous R2 collections to launch and defend against attacks among each other!

    A successful attack lets you loot some R2C from your victim and also gives you a small probability of stealing a staking key from them. Be careful, though, if they negate your attack then they’ll be taking some of your R2C, and maybe even a staking key!


All of the planned (future) items expressed in this roadmap are unfortunately subject to an annoyingly inescapable fact of reality – that nothing is ever a guarantee. 

Though we are excited and motivated to bring these features to fruition a.s.a.p., there is always a very real possibility that things are added or removed, pushed forward or back, or altered in some way. No rights can be derived from this roadmap.

We advise that you regularly check on this roadmap for any updates, and follow us on Telegram and Discord, or, even better, subscribe to our newsletter to make sure you don’t miss a thing!